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What’s wrong with Youtube Trending tab

What’s wrong with Youtube Trending tab trending..whats going on YouTube trending algorithm should fix. It should be fix a way that people can consume value fun and day to day life thing not garbage full of how dis track doing,how Waze bank doing or Jake Paul’s BS,,this should be fix ASAP

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What’s wrong with Youtube Trending tab

sh4rk sh4d0w
3 hours ago (edited)
The trending page is complete ass, the first spot is some guy eating noodles and this is #4 wtf

3 hours ago
YouTube’s been dead for a while

Bobman Z
3 hours ago
Thats it, the trending tab died.

Chip EX
3 hours ago
Trending? I think YouTube ran out of ideas for the trending list

46 minutes ago
why are all these shitty videos on trending?

Max Behrendt
1 hour ago
Wtf is the trending page

Leo99 ProGamer
26 minutes ago
Still better than Jake Paul

Austyn LeDrew
3 hours ago
Yeah Youtube! Y? Y did you put this pointless video on trendings?

Master Yi
23 minutes ago
“y” is this shit trending

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29 minutes ago
wtf is this garbage #4 on trending lol?

Brian Clarke
51 minutes ago
fucking nice, I think youtube needs to go through definition of what “trend” means in the dictionary

Haider Ali
2 hours ago
Youtube trending page got hacked 4 sure

2 hours ago
Trending is messed up again :p

2 hours ago
This shit is sad youtube…..

2 hours ago
This is terrible

2 hours ago
#4 on trending… YouTube is drunk

ayamix trw
2 hours ago
This must be just a little glitch on YouTube

Jessie G
2 hours ago
I bet trending page has been rigged

WickeD WizarD
3 hours ago
way better than all the other garbage around on trending

Loels Pengu
3 hours ago
Someone make another site like youtube please

J u l s
3 hours ago (edited)
I’m sorry, the old YouTube can’t come on the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause it’s dead!

What's wrong with Youtube Trending tab
whats wrong with youtube trending

These are few comments and feeling that people show we found that Youtube trending page go use less and low in value videos trneding,,this should be fixed.



Youtube Treding tab whats wrong with youtube


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