Big news for advertisers Merging Taboola Outbrain

Did you hear that news native advertising rivals Taboola and Outbrain coming together to fightback giant advertising companies like google bing and facebook but its totally different level?

How CEOs meet to put steps into this acquisition.

Here is the story, He said once He met Yaron, he asks about their kid learn Mother languages and stuff and also know to speak same time that leads to teaching how to learn their newborn and they start their speak about this too.that motivated them to use messaging in Hebrew and story goes… that story nothing to do with native advertising company-wise but that leads to get to know them as friends to collaborate start new.

what was outbrain and Taboola at 1st

big gun Yaron and avenger 🙂 Ori started Outbrain as a text-based article recommendation platform, and a year afterward, he tarted Taboola as a video recommendation platform. then with other partnerships and the team, they were able to go above and beyond those services into CPM based advertising firms.

With this new merge what going to get advertisers and publishers who already use

Here we go, advertiser, at Outbrain and Taboola, You will get more reach for you like space-wise, That will lead advertiser to bring more advertising results & exposure positive and grow faster without just depend on ppc and As a one tech team with new innovative idea implementations could provide new features,app-installs, more video ads, and much more. 

Publisher are in a treat too…They able to generate more revenue with more space that advertisers to get from both marketplaces, also use AI. that balance marketplaces in a way that use fewer issues More demand drives better yields. We’ll innovate more on our platform as a whole–more editorial platforms, more analytics and insights, more audience acquisition capabilities, and more. 


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