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Horrific story behind 18 Year Old Girl Gone for 24 Years and found

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Video On text,mirror back today we are reacting to 18
0:05 year old girls disappeared for 24 years
0:07 found with the 70 key for years doesn’t
0:10 make sense so long 18 year old girl
0:13 disappeared for 24 years
0:15 yes so she was 18 when she disappeared
0:17 baby ah maybe it’s not anything about me
0:22 it must just be as you disappeared but
0:25 hardly any for now but couldn’t be 18 in
0:27 this quiet and quite worrying and 24
0:31 years a long time I mean that’s longer
0:32 than I’ve been alive yeah I’m gonna
0:34 liable me 17 plus 17 is 37 probably
0:39 never know I don’t know I always be
Viral video about this Horrific story behind 18 Year Old Girl Gone
0:41there but subscribe and turn an
0:43occasional once you’ve done come at
0:44double our subscriber will reply to all
0:46your message today I want to know the
0:47stories – let’s play it let’s see well I
0:49won’t have to interested terrified off
0:53ganas especially this is the story of
0:55Elizabeth spritzel infinite some year
0:58old girl who had created quite a
1:00sensation by her sudden disappearance
1:01which is crazy for years she was found
1:04by the police along with a terrible
1:07secret for using one of the courses
1:09damper in Austria with her parents Yosef
1:12and Rosemarie IRAs look on all six
1:14siblings being a victim of her father’s
1:16anger in a few since childhood now and
1:19plan to run away from home once she
1:21turned 18 years old she hoped making why
1:24things like scythes a scary thought I’d
1:26run away from how much she was 18 so
1:28that wasn’t a reason why they said the
1:30reason all right Almighty God we’re
1:32gonna watch the whole list the final
1:33happens her life for herself when she
1:35turned 18
1:36Elizabeth began to work in a restaurant
1:38in Linz Austria thought the world and
1:41things were going to mix it with her on
1:42August 29
1:44like it’s kinda suspicious and spooky
1:46yeah the music’s wild again me mounted
1:48her anywhere
1:49her mother wills marine filed a
1:51missing-persons report
1:52okay I’m sorry about that but what’s
1:55what’s like strange as they took 24
1:58years to find the girl sizes of a
2:00seriously long time like wow directly
2:04after that
2:05first evidence of Elizabeth’s mysterious
2:07vanish I look at a lot of letter while
2:10it is supporting that she was staying
2:11with her friend and that she wished to
2:13never be found by her family was quite a
2:16big why though
2:17this is so weird is Gary her father
2:20Yosef turned the letter over to the
2:22police to her doctors in their
2:24investigation but Yosef thought
2:26otherwise he believed if the Elizabeth
2:28was under the control of some religious
2:30cult the letter and her father’s firm
2:32belief led the whole world to also
2:35believe that Elizabeth and left on her
2:36own accord and the mystery remained
2:40oh ma you’re on the story gets really
2:42murky okay wait friend what does murky
2:45mean these like I think it’s it’s got to
2:47be like spooky yeah maybe I’m not a
2:49strange just play aunt Eva you’re gonna
2:51get mad the police knew that Elizabeth
2:53was missing that she probably had run
2:56away and was now leading a life that she
2:57chose to live okay I didn’t know was
3:00that Joseph her own product was actually
3:03behind the best appear they didn’t know
3:05she brought away because of Elizabeth
3:06was being held captive by her own father
3:09in small consumer 9/8 locked doors in
3:12her house his basement wait raineesha
3:15can you see that is number nine and the
3:17upper room though is the number eight
3:18that’s weird
3:20that is very weird but I would
3:22definitely run away as what if I if I
3:24happened to me and she remains his
3:26prisoner for 24 years
3:28wait you know or year so that’s where
3:31she was for 24 years then she remained
3:35that tray for years that’s what they
3:37just said oh but I don’t get my R we
3:41need to keep watch Evers Elizabeth went
3:43through a series of horrific abuses than
3:45any normal human being from paranoid
3:48Joseph visited her
3:49food and water and rocks that’s guts
3:51then but slowly its physical juices
3:54turned into sectional view that’s the
3:55Scott my sequence of sexual crimes
3:58against her while being held captive let
4:00Elizabeth to conceive as many as seven
4:03times she got with Scott’s best to live
4:06in the dungeon for many more years in
4:08the worst conditions possible whenever
4:10in the hands of the outside world Joseph
4:13continued to operate smoothly into the
4:15very nose of this family I don’t even
4:17care people think that gosh that guy
4:19should be killed
4:20yeah dice rope anyone think that’s wrong
4:22that guy is disgusting Friedman doing
4:25that Dora that’s vile man it’s
4:28disgusting I’ve got numbers as well
4:30everywhere a a line I don’t mean
4:32Lizabeth seven children one died soon
4:34after birth and three lived with her in
4:36the basement however young our role Dean
4:39despondence lived with rosemary and he
4:42made our seven children each a baby
4:44appeared at their doorstep
4:46Joseph explain me this Elizabeth’s way
4:48of dumping her own children under four
4:50parents with no crime is perfect Joseph
4:53Stalin Paul came in the form of
4:54Elizabeth’s daughter Kirsten being
4:57locked up downstairs for years together
4:59Kirsten fell extremely sick being the
5:02mother Elizabeth could only request that
5:04her own father take her daughter to a
5:06doctor to save her life
5:07Joseph agreed and took Kirsten to the
5:10hospital she was diagnosed with a
5:12critical case of kidney failure how
5:14could she not how could they not find it
5:16on me the Osmo the hospital staff found
5:18the story very puzzling and notify the
5:20police okay at least I’m investigating
5:22further John Joseph’s claims totally
5:25obscured finding himself in a tight spot
5:28Joseph decided to release Elizabeth
5:30along with her other three children the
5:32police were important anonymously about
5:34the whole proceedings and on 26th April
5:372008 Joseph pretzel aged 73 was finally
5:41arrested there was a rat step attractive
5:43Eduardo Terrell delta-9 Herzl was
5:45sentenced to life imprisonment blood
5:48over 15 years is currently serving out
5:51his sentence in Garston Abbey in upper
5:53austria people special self the
5:56criminally insane a sure-fire same
5:58criminal mother were taken under care
6:01and underwent medical and psychological
6:03treatments compact and mental cacao pods
6:06though later they were moved to an
6:08unnamed village in northern monstrous
6:10make a full recovery such as life when
6:13the one you look up to fails you the
6:15most and the law can expect away
6:17although heõs have got the punishment
6:19he deserved it was not enough to undo
6:22all deploy now he committed against his
6:24own daughter
6:24doctor assuming that all simply
6:26Elizabeth and her children to make her
6:28whip and pass okay good that’s finished
6:32but it’s totally true like she got
6:35arrested so they’ve got waiver but she
6:37can never live normal yeah because like
6:38I know she’s trying to really like my
6:40name time to life we can’t live but
6:42that’s always going to be there and like
6:4424 years out somebody’s life is like
6:47like 25 years of surviving that life
6:49your life so I think now and 24 years is
6:52the next 24 years of your lives is like
6:54what you’re going to do most in yeah and
6:56then that’s been taken away from you is
6:58like crazy and for that purpose what
7:00happened it’s absolutely disgusting
7:02no it’s vile no right now but that’s
7:05things you probably down below I thought
7:06it was horrible and it’s it’s so sad to
7:09even know about it really I want to know
7:11your opinions down below what you would

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